Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Using the crystal ball ...

CampoPulse will be updated less frequently than usual this month - Prospero is having to re-do all his paperwork (see, I told you: never get ill in August in Spain) but this time with and by the people who know what to do, instead of their substitutes, who don't. Which is why Prosp decided to let things ride until this new month. The details are boring, but we might be able to come up with some sage advice about health cards, and who to see and what to do. In the meantime, we beg your patience... You will see as much advertising as usual because there is a financial commitment in many cases, and believe us, the finances need our full-time support (a donation via PayPal on the sidebar would be very handy... or in the middle of the street, for that matter!)

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